Upcoming Event

It’s time for our next GoodGovUX luncheon event!

Please join us on Oct 27th at the 1776 offices in Crystal City to eat, network and learn about all the latest and greatest going on with GoodGovUX. We have a great featured speaker, Will Sullivan of GSA who will discuss the USDS Draft U.S Web Design Standards with us.

During this event we will be handing out the very first DCUX badges in conjunction with UXPADC. This is part of a new pilot program intended to recognize UX achievement. Be among the first to get recognized!

The event will be followed by a happy hour at HighlineRxR.

Click HERE to learn more and register!

Our Mission

to drive the adoption of a common set of UX best practices within the government agency and government contracting communities.

Join Us!

We will be convening three teams, defined below, to achieve the mission of GoodGovUX.

We need people to participate in these groups from a wide range of backgrounds, both private and public. We will hold regular public events to update the community on progress, share the results of each team’s work, and gather feedback from the community at large (as well as have some fun).

Terminology and Definitions

The mission of this team is to identify and define relevant UX terms to create a common UX language.

RFP/Proposal Language

The mission of this team is to translate the common language into the RFP and proposal process.

Deliverables and Best Practices

The mission of this team is to identify and define the various deliverable types and best practices that comprise the UX portions of projects. A common expectation of deliverables and best practices will be key for customers to know what to request from their delivery partners.

If you are interested in participating on one of the teams, please indicate which team you’d like to be part of. If you are interested in a leadership position of a team, please indicate that as well. While we would like to include everyone, it is possible that you will not be selected based on when you sign up and your professional profile. To maintain diversity of perspective, we cannot have numerous people from one company, agency, or job title on each team. We appreciate your understanding!

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About Us

We are a group of private, federal and city professionals who want to build more effective and more satisfying government experiences.


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